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We have new family member already more than one month, unfortunately he is here only visiting us and goes back home in February.
Kado is really amazing young dog whom we love very very much. See some new photos from him

We had fantastic day at all breed show in Rakvere. Cooper was BOB junior and Saara BOS junior and Ruudi was BOB and BIG I.
Today Jente puppies had birthday, Happy Birthday Saara, Lindi, Duffy, Portia, Kado, Charlie and Cooper. You have made me very proud and happy!
On the 22. of October we had little party with all puppies and their owners who live here in Estonia, but Charlie, Kado and Portia were in my thoughts! See photos from our birthday.

Again super news! On the 27th of Augut Jente son Kado was BIS I junior in
Russia and week later 02.09. his brother Cooper was BOB junior and received his first junior CAC. See new photos from Charlie, Kado, Cooper and Portia

We had special show for all setters today, 75 irish setters were entered and we had some really good results. Jente son Cooper was 3rd
and daughter Saara (Field Of Dreams Cuban Salsa) was 2nd in junior class, but best result from our team goes to Jente. She was best bitch and best of opposite sex (BOS).
Unfortunately I wasn’t there, so thank you Marika for showing her so well! Judge was Miss Trudy Walsh from Irland.

New photo of Cooper.

28.05.2006 Again super news! Charlie was 2nd BIS puppy on international show in Leszno in Poland. Well done!

13.05.2006 Today we had again very nice day. On Hunting breeds speciality show my Jente (Dubliner Watermelon) was BOB and her daughter Saara (Field Of Dreams Cuban Salsa) was BOB puppy. There was no best in group or best in show competitions.

New photos from Jente, Ruudi, Saara and Charlie.

We had super weekend. 
On the 29.04. in Vladivastok international show Field Of Dreams Cardinal "Kado" was BOB & BIS I puppy and on the next day on special show for hunting dogs in Latvia Field Of Dreams Cosa
Nostra "Cooper"
was also BOB & BIS I puppy. Congratulations to Julia and Rika!
See new photos from Lindi and Kado.

Jente son Field Of Dreams Cardinal had his first show and he did super well - he was BOB baby
and in baby BIS received third place. Congratulations!!!!
New photos from Kado, Cooper, Charlie, Sara and Portia.

Happy birthday to all Jente puppies! They are 5 months old already!

Jente puppies Cooper and Sara had first show, it was our club show for setters. Judge was Sinnika Thag from Sweden. Congratulations to Sara and her owner Kelli winning BOB and BIS I baby and Cooper and Rika for BOS baby! I was very proud of you!

Now all Jente puppies are in their new homes. I'm very happy that they found so loving and wonderful homes, even when some of them are living so far from us. Have a look puppies personal pages!

Photos of Jente puppies at 8 weeks old.

Photos of Jente puppies at 7 weeks old. 
All photos by Kristina Olљauskine

First standing photos of Jente puppies. Quality of these photos are really not the best, but you can see something. Hopefully better photos next 

Year 2005 is almost over. This year Field of Dreams dogs didn't go to shows so often, but some still did very well. My special thanks goes to Irina Denissova, Brey was very successful at show, he passed Field Trial test, has B hips and now is proud father of his first litter. Please visit his own page where are some new photos.

And I promise, in year 2006 you will see us again, can't wait to meet all my friends around the world. But now we have 7 little 6 weeks oldpuppies to take care of. Soon first standing photos of them!

Some new photos of puppies
at age 4 weeks. All photos by Kalev Lilleorg, thank you for these wonderful photos!

First photos of Jente little puppies at age 3 weeks. All photos by Kristina Olљauskiene, kennel Karmino Made

Today we had wonderful morning! Jente is now proud mum of 3 boys and 4 girls. Mum and puppies are doing very well. My special thanks to Donatas Olљauskas who helped these puppies to this world. 

We have so great news. Today we visited vet who confirmed that Jente is having puppies. Hopefully everything goes well and puppies will born at the end of October. For more information look Puppies.

Today we had special show for setters in Estonia, we couldn't get better results! Jente was BOB and BIS IV and Indi puppies Tessa, Ally, Kin and Macho got very good results.
Thank you so much for their owners. Here you can see results with photos. Thank you for Urmas Mannamaa for all photos!


Today I lost somebody who loved me so much, who was always happy to see me, who was most honest friend to me and I loved him so much, so much that I don't find enough words to say how much I miss him. Dear Mortimer, you will be in my heart forever, I will remember you forever. Thank you for these wonderful 11 years with you. Our home is now so empty without you...

On the 5th of February we had club show for all setters, judged by Jelena Kruus from Estonia. My Mortimer was BOB & BIS I veteran, kennel Field Of Dreams was BIS I kennel, Indi's taughter Field Of Dreams Butterfly was BOB and BIS I junior, also 3rd best bitch, her sister Belly Dancer was 2nd in junior class and 4th best bitch, so it was really our day. I want to thank Marika for showing Jente, Mortimer and Lenna, also big thank you to Kristina for all the photos and showing Ally so well. Have a look show results and photos.

New photos of Ally (Belly Dancer) and Kin (Blueberry) at 16 months old.

We have again super news! FoD Bitter Lemon "Tessa" has A hips. Also our Setter Club named best setters, breeder etc. in 2004 and we did very well: Fod Autumn Rhapsody was 2nd Best Setter Dog (best irish setter), FoD Boogie Nights
was 2nd Best Setter Young Dog (best irish setter), his sister FoD Butterfly was 3rd Young Setter Bitch, kennel Field Of Dreams was 2nd Best Kennel and our dear Bora Izpod Belsce was Best Progeny Bitch. Thank you to all Indi children owners for this fantastic year!

Jente's brother Ruudi's page is updated with new photos Indi children from second litter FoD Breakthrough and Boogie Nights have
B hips. Congratulations to their owners! 
February - March we plan to mate Jente, more information will be added a little bit later.

26.10.2004 Added: new photos of Macho.

10.10.2004 Imported dogs page is updated with Kanelin Holiday Hunter "Hugo" photos
and pedigree. He is my little Jente's half-sister son!

21.07 Macho page is updated, also please have a look at his brother Lexi new photos. Lexi
lives in Finland and he came to visit us with his family. It was very nice to see him again!

Please have a look at Jente brother Ruudi puppies. One puppy boy is stil looking
for a wonderful home. On photos puppies are 6,5 weeks old.
Added: new photos of Indi.

Updated: Mortimer page, Puppies page, Top show setters in 2003, Imported dogs.

Today was in Tallinn Estonian winner show and it was super day to Field Of Dreams family! FoD Boogie Nights was BOB and BIS-II puppy and FoD Autumn Rhapsody was BOS and received CACIB ans Estonian winner 2004 title. I am so proud and happy to my boys and their owners!

and Lola pages are updated with new photos. We have sad news - Lola is not waiting puppies, but I want to congratulate my very good friends Kristina and Donatas whose bitch Chic Choix East Of Eden was successfuly inseminated and puppies should born at the end of June.

Today was special show for all gundogs and Field Of Dreams Autumn Rhapsody (Leonardo) was BOB and BIS I!!! My biggest congratulations to Enely and Leonardo.

In near future there will be lot of updates in Irish setters in Estonia. Now please have a look about litters in Estonia in 2004. I am planning to mate Lola (Field Of Dreams Art of Love), but here will be also many other interesting cominations!

On Saturday we had puppy show for Irish setters, 38 puppies from 3 -12 months was
entered. Judge was Lena Stenfelt from Sweden. 
BOB was our little Macho (Field Of Dreams Boogie Nights) and BOS his sister Lenna (Field
Of Dreams Butterfly). I would like to thank Klaire (kennel Vinca Thore), Triin (kennel Soul provider) and Kaja (kennel Irish Melody) for super teamwork, Kristina Olsauskiene for photos and mostly all my puppy owners who took part of this show, you all did really well and I am very proud of you all! Look the results with photos.

Thank you so much for Setter Club Of Estonia who chose Jente as a best young show setter bitch in 2003. Also congratulations to all winners, specially to Enely and her Field Of Dreams Autumn Rhapsody who was 3rd best young setter dog in 2003. 

05.02.2004. Field Of Dreams Auburn Rose "Mia" was a wonderful friend, very special and sweet dog who was taken from us way too early. Sleep piecfully, my dear.

We had club show for all setters. It was really fantastic day! Field Of Dreams Butterfly "Lenna"
was BOB & BIS I puppy, Dubliner Watermelon "Jente" was BOB & BIS I junior and Sign Of Constancy Mortimer was BOB & BIS I veteran. Look the results and photos of that show.

Was first all breeds show in this year, judge was Harry Tast from Finland. Field Of Dreams Art Of
"Lola" was BOB & BIG II and also received her last CAC and became Estonian, Lithuanian and Russian champion.

B-litter puppy pages

was BOB and BIG I at all breeds show in Russia, judge was Rita Kadike Skadina
from Latvia. My biggest congratulations to Lola and her owner Marika Pärnapuu

had super day, he was BOB and BIS IV veteran at our puppy and veterans Christmas show! I was very proud of my dear old boy. Thank you for his handler Marika Kuusman, it was wonderful to look at you in the ring!

This year is over soon. I must say Mortimer and Jente had lots of sucess in shows.
Mortimer was entered to 3 shows and he was 2 x BOB, 1 BOS veteran, 1x BIS I and 1 x BIS IV
veteran. Jente was entered to 15 shows, it includes 5 x BOB puppy, 1 x BOS puppy and 4 x
BOB junior, she has been 2 x BIS I, 2 x BIS II. Jente has been in shows in Belgium,
Poland, Latvia, German, Finland and of course her in Estonia!

I have wonderful news, Jente has BB hips and elbows 00.

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