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Litter "F"
On the 24th of April was born our 6th litter- 9 cute little girls and 4 brave boys!
The Sire, LV&LT&EST&BALT&BLR&RUS JCH, LV&RUS CH, HD AA, ED 00 Dubliner Mac Cloud (Simba), lives in Latvia but is imported from Sweden, from the same kennel from Jente came to our family. Simba is very promising young boy and doing already well at shows. Puppies mother is Field Of Dreams Celindia (Lindi). Lindi is my Jente daughter. She is mix of American and English lines and she has got good qualities from both types. Lindi has very strong character, she isnt affraid of anything, she is very vital, happy and friendly at the same time she has this cute and soft expression that English type has. Lindi hasnt been in many shows, but the few she went she did very well, she was the best bitch and BOS last year in our special show which is the biggest show for setters in Estonia, also she won BOB, BIG and BIS II in national show.
If you are interested in this litter please contact by sending an e-mail piret.koima@mail.ee or by calling to me +37256564248.
See the pedigree with photos.

Litter "D"
Our 4th litter should born in the beginning of October. The sire, Red Tails Xellent Qaballero "BoBo", lives in Sweden in Red Tails kennel. He is really good looking boy with super character and attitude I am so happy that I found him and would like to thank Ann Paleski for all her help and Tommy and Anne, it was wonderful to see you and your beautiful dogs again, thank you for your big help. Puppies mother is my sweet princess Jente. She produced a lovely litter 2 years ago, they are healthy and with super nice character and Jente herself was really good mother, so it gave me confidence to try again and I hope I will find our upcomming puppies all loving homes, where they can be full family members. So, if you are interested please contact by sending an e-mail piret.koima@mail.ee or by calling to me +37256564248. See the pedigree with photos.

Field of Dreams Dodger (Dody)
owner Aire Põlluaed
Field Of Dreams Diablo (Tuudur)
owner Anu Vau
Field Of Dreams Diesel (Diesel)
owner Eve Põldsaar 
Field Of Dreams Double-0-Seven (Vulcan)
owner Enely Jääger
Field Of Dreams Diplomat (Denni)
Field Of Dreams Donovan 
owner Sergei Jerehinski


Field Of Dreams Daphne (Jenny)
owner Piia Ploovits
Field Of Dreams Deja Vu (Lote)
owner Kersti Kelder and Piret Kõima
Field Of Dreams De Luxe
owner Merle Rosenthal
Field Of Dreams Dolche Vita (Jessy)
owner Irina Hromina
Field Of Dreams Double Diamond (Delly)
owner Svetlana Fursova

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Ch. Dubliner Watermelon (Jente)

Red Tails Xellent Qaballero (Bobo) 

Litter "C" 
Kennel "Field Of Dreams" 3rd litter was born 21.10.05. The sire, CH Regalaire Fly Like An Eagle, lives in USA, he has done very well at shows and has very nice character. Puppies mother is my little Jente.  See the pedigree with lots of photos

Ch. Dubliner Watermelon (Jente)

CH Regalaire Fly Like An Eagle (Sydney)

Field Of Dreams Cosa Nostra
Field Of Dreams Challenger
Field Of Dreams Cardinal  


Field Of Dreams Celindia  
Field Of Dreams Cuban Salsa

Field Of Dreams Cherrie Pie
Field Of Dreams Cynic at Dioskury NEW!

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Litter "B" 
Kennel “Field Of Dreams” second litter was born 03.09.2003. The sire, Frinan Newyork Newyork is a very beautiful boy who was best male at this year club show for setters and pointers in Finland. Puppies mother will be our darling Indi.

See puppies pedigree with parents photos.

b litter at age 3 weeks
b litter at age 6 weeks


Field of Dreams Breakthrough
Field of Dreams Bright Light

Field of Dreams Bonanza

Field of Dreams Blueberry

Field of Dreams Boogie Nights

Field of Dreams Beachboy

Field of Dreams Be a Legend


Field of Dreams Bitter Lemon
Field of Dreams Butterfly

Field of Dreams Belly Dancer

Litter "A"
Kennel “Field Of Dreams” first litter was born 11.09.2001. The sire, Withersdale World Wide Web, was very carefully chosen. He is really good looking boy, healthy and has very nice character. He was born in England, but lives in Sweden now, his owners are Maggie & Maryanne Svantesson and Ann Paleski.

See puppies pedigree with parents photos.


Field of Dreams Absolute Power
Field of Dreams All My Love
Field of Dreams Almost Famous
Field of Dreams Autumn Rhapsody


Field of Dreams All About Eva
Field of Dreams Apple Pie
Field of Dreams Art Of Love

Field of Dreams Auburn Rose


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